External Locks

Overlander Oasis in Oaxaca Mexico is the place to go if you need any custom work done on your truck.  Calvin is not only an expert at these projects but he's an extremely creative problem solver.  We wanted external locks for times that we left the car in an unsecured location and also during the shipping process across the Darien Gap from Panama to Colombia.    

external lock brackets.jpg

Side Door Brackets

Calvin was brilliant in his design of the brackets.  He thought of little things like placing a little rubber piece between the bracket and the body of the land cruiser.  This kept it water-tight and prevented the bracket from scratching the body. 

Back BRacket

He welded a cap on the end of the locking bar so it would have a designated "seat" in the custom back bracket he made us.  This kept the bar from sliding any further than it needed to.     

external lock bracket close.JPG

Welded Tabs to Cover Lock Holes

The tabs cover the lock so someone cannot simply punch out the locks with a screwdriver to open the door.  They have a hole in them so a simple padlock can be used to keep them in place.  The tabs were welded on and the welds smoothed so they don't catch when you slide them back and forth.  Calvin also scored the tabs underneath before the holes for the locks so if someone tried to break the tab off then it would break off strategically and remain locked. 


Bar in storage position


Bar in Locked Position

So far we haven't had even one attempt to break in (at least not that we know of).  They are so easy to use that even when we go into a grocery store, it only takes one minutes to slide these puppies into the locked position and then we have absolutely no worries.  It has probably been more of a visual deterrent than anything so far, but it's great for even just the peace of mind.