Our most-used kitchen items

Besides the few items that are listed on the "Must Haves" page, here are some of our most-used kitchen tools.

GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camper Cookset

Picking out your kitchen gear is one of the most important decisions you can make.  You will use it almost every single day, multiple times a day.  You will prepare food on the beach, in the mountains, in parking lots, on the side of the road, in the rain and wind, in hotels - you name it.  We are relatively satisfied with our choice of cooking/eating set.  The GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camper Cookset coupled with the 24PC Utensil Set met all of our needs.  However, we never really know what we need until we are on the road using it, do we?  Here is what we figured out:  Some items, we were really glad were compact or foldable. We are in a landcruiser and our entire kitchen has to fit in one ARB drawer.   It was great having compact accessories like cheese graters, spatulas, etc.  We quickly ditched the storage bag and slimmed down what came with the set. We had no need for a baster or the little sauce packets.  Every centimeter counts.  As for the pots, pans, plates, bowls and cups in the Pinnacle Set - we love it.  There are only two of us and the stackability of the set was awesome.  If we were in a van or camper and had more room, we would not choose to do a set like this but instead, would probably use regular, full-sized pots and pans.  But we are not in a van.  We are in a tent and a landcruiser.  We also stay in airbnb's or hotels around 50% of the time but we don't like to spend money eating out so its nice that our food preparation items are easily portable.  They also clean very easily and have stood up to various weather conditions. Nothing has rusted and the frying pan (which is really sort of ridiculously small) is the only thing that has warped and only a little bit.  Because we also had a set of durable plastic bowls and cups, we found the triangular cups included in the pinnacle set to be excessive and sent those home early on. 

Coleman Triton Propane Stove

This thing is great.  We were nervous when we picked it out because we had read some reviews about the propane attachment becoming loose and lost inside the stove.  Its clear how this can happen as it doesn't seem all that sturdy - but in 18 months with plenty of usage and banging around, ours has not had this problem.  This stove works great, it's lightweight, easy to setup, conservatively uses propane and has plenty of cookspace.  It IS difficult to put on a simmer setting without the flame going out.  Although, there are other brands I might like to try out, we have been very satisfied with this essential tool.

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Dutch Oven

Seasoned with oil for a natural, easy-release finish that improves with use
Easy care: hand wash, dry, rub with cooking oil
The right tool to sear, sauté, simmer, bake, broil, braise, roast, fry or grill
At home in the oven, on the stove, on the grill or over the campfire; Great for induction cooktops
Unparalleled in heat retention and even heating

Coleman Small Stove Carry Case

The Coleman stove case was a wise decision.  It keeps the stove from getting as banged up and scratched as it would without it.  Also we use the side bags to store a small propane tank on one side and a fire extinguisher on the other.  

GSI Outdoors 24pc Utensil Set 

This set was great. It really had everything we needed and even a few things we didn't realize we needed.  The sauce packets were a little dumb for a long-term trip but I can see how shorter-term campers might use it. The knife that comes with it is AMAZING.  Sooo sharp and durable.