Photography provided by Sunny Eaton

    Where we have been so far...

    • USA

    • Mexico

    • Belize

    • Guatemala

    • El Salvador

    • Honduras

    • Nicaragua

    • Costa Rica

    • Panama

    We've met a lot of people along the way...

    It was really a privilege to meet two fellow Nashvillains while you were in Tulum. Going to be following your journey all the way. Good luck and safe travels.
    — Jeff Shaw
    Ya los vi! Buen viaje
    Translastion: I see you! Good trip
    — Christian Lara Renteria
    It was awesome to meet up with the two of you in Guadalajara. I hope our paths cross again!
    — Travis Downs
    Las acabamos de ver por el mercado de las flores aquí en Oaxaca, y no pudimos tomarles foto, esperamos tengan éxito y disfruten su estadía-viaje.

    Translation: Just saw by the flower market here in Oaxaca, and we could not take photo, we hope to have success and enjoy your stay-trip!
    — Luis Olivera
    Woooow!! Inspirational. Saw you in Gudalajara.
    Have a great trip to Guanajuato!
    — Sergio Monki Rueda