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Hotel Casa San Francisco- Granada, Nicaragua

This is a beautiful boutique hotel in a perfect location in Granada.  It includes free breakfast and had a fantastic shower.  The owner is a really cool lady named Terry Leary and she is an avid world traveller and documentarian.  If you have the opportunity to talk with her then you should take it. 

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Hotel Monte Verde - San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Monte Verde is a great campsite right outside of San Juan Del Sur.  Owned by Yong Lyles, Monte Verde is a primarily expat bar/guesthouse and poolside hangout.  The internet is good, the showers are hot and Yong is endlessly accomodating, offering both a water and power hookup.  There are howler monkeys in the trees and two sweet dogs, Whitey and Gringo, swimming in the pool. What more do you want?